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I'm going to get on my soap box here.

False allegation! This is a true story about
someone I reckon is a full on sociopath,
Marlene Smith, and two Victorian Pigs,
detectives nigel freebairn and angela proietto.

False allegation! Do you know what it is and what effect a false allegation can have on your
entire life? Ask Josephine Greensill, she got a 5 1/2 year jail term courtesy of a false allegation?

Or just ask me! Click here for the full story

On 4th March 2015 I had two Melbourne police, nigel freebairn and angela proietto,
arrive at my door in Northern NSW because of a false allegation made against me in 1987.
Yup, 1987! They gave no notice, they had no warrant, no evidence and, therefore, no
purpose or cause to threaten me at my own home. They were on a witch hunt.

I knew about this obviously false allegation back in 1987. There was zero evidence, ZERO,
but that doesn't stop the cops persecuting you for the rest of your life. It was bollocks then
and it's bollocks now!

Hows this. I can get one year for kidnapping. In Victoria, a maximum of 20 years for
manslaughter. I can get 25 years for murder - if I have a police record or; if I have no
police record - as I do not - I could get just 10 years. However, because I have had an
obviously false allegation made against me, it would seem I have been tried, found guilty,
convicted and sentenced, by Victoria police, not by a court of law, not by a judge and jury,
(as is my right) but by Victoria police, to a lifetime, that is, the rest of my natural life,
of harassment, threat and intimidation.
It's been over 30 years so far. How good is that? What a great system we live under!

Needless to say, I am a little bit pissed off with this as I believe this is a fundamental
infringement of my civil rights. If there had been one shred of evidence, just one shred,
I would take an entirely different view and say, fair enough, they have to follow this up.
Which they already did in 1987. On 4th March 2015, I had detectives nigel freebairn
and angela proietto come to my door from Melbourne chasing me for a "Voluntary"
DNA sample, we talked for a while and this pig Freebairn made this threat to me.
"We can get very heavy if we need to".

A mild threat by any standard and had it had been made by some bloke in the pub I would
have laughed it off. But it wasn't a bloke in the pub, it was a Victoria police officer, who had
travelled 1000 miles out of his way, and made the threat. That is a different ball game.

Caroline and I had been together for almost two decades and the look on her face
was one of pure horror. After they left she said to me. "What have you done that is
so bad that they have come all this way and threaten you into giving a DNA sample"?

A very, very, good question. One that I cannot answer and no-body else will.
Certainly the ignorant victorian pigs won't.

Police proffessional standards won't touch it.
The Chief commissioner ran for cover.
Noonan, the police minister said - "Nothing to do with me, it's operational".
IBAC claim to have investigated it, which they haven't, and say that
no further action will be taken. Victoria police and all the bureaucracy
surrounding them, are saying nothing, in short, they are acting exactly as a
criminal would act. Interestingly, they have not denied their actions, they have
not called me a liar. They are not taking action against me for false allegation.
That it because it isn't false and they know it, they have no defence. But there
there is an awful lot of arse covering going on with these ignorant, corrupt,

upholders of law and order. In fact, all they do is run you around in circles
in the hope that, eventually, you will away. But i'm not going away.

Being as I have never had any dealings with police, I guess, made me an easy
target and this whole episode has prompted me to write up the full story for
publication in order to advise and alert other people that
'This can happen to you'. If it does, I would urge you to make your feelings
known to as many people as possible, don't just cop it sweet. It is fundamentally
wrong and the more people who complain about it the more chance there is of
getting something done about it. So write to the chief commissioner, professional
standards, the police minister. Don
't just email it, also send it registered mail so
that you can record that they have and when they received it.

I was perfectly happy living quietly, minding my own business, in the bush
with all that crap sitting exactly where it belonged, 30 years in the past.

CLICK HERE for the full story or read on

Until two cops decide to drag it all up and open up the wound.

Now I consider the general public need to know about this.

So now I ask this question.

Do you trust Victoria police? I don't!
If someone were to tell you that police came to their door, in Northern NSW, without
notice, without a warrant and without purpose, and threatened them into giving a

DNA sample because of an obviously "false" allegation made almost 30 years previously,
I reckon you would say, "No way, this is 21st century Australia not Germany 1940".
But it happened to me in March 2015.

Even worse is this. Complaint is impossible, well, not impossible, but you get shunted
from pillar to post, one department to the next, and back again by lots of disinterested
people who, you get the feeling, are never going to find anything against their 'kinfolk'
and reckon you'll go away if they run you around in circles long enough.

Worse than this. Even the then police minister, Noonan, is powerless, (so he says) against
the might of Victoria police. He says, "We cannot interfere with police operations".
So, apparently, if it's 'Operational', Victoria police can do whatever they please without
fear of repercussion. So the question I have is this: 'What isn't operational when it comes
to police'?
And exactly what does a police minister do? What does he, and his staff, get
paid for? Are they only there to send out letters to say how much he 'can't' do.
Why have a police minister???

Worse than this, when I then write up the truth, the whole truth and nothing
but the truth, I received a solicitors letter, organised by defective decective freebairn
with further threats of legal action for libel and that the officer feels 'offended' (that I

wrote the truth). Worse than that they wanted me to print a retraction and state that
it was all false and that I made it up. Does that reek of a cover up or what?
It seems to me that Victoria police expect you to tell the truth, the whole truth
and nothing but the truth when it suits them. Honesty is the best policy when they
are trying to put you in jail for something you haven't done. But when the truth
is about them it is unacceptable, even objectionable and offensive.
Victoria police, it would seem, can run around the countryside on a whim, threatening
innocent old people
, and the powers that be simply close ranks around them and protect
them. But if you accidentally drift 5 kilometres over the speed limit, you will be prosecuted.
What does that tell you about the direction our society is heading?

I recently googled '7.30 victoria police'. If you do this you will see stories of kids
being capsicum sprayed for trying to evade a couple of $'s train fare. The demeaning
of female officers within the force. Victoria police have shot to death people who were not
carrying a firearm. Josephine Greensill put in jail by Victoria police - see "Australian Story".
And check out https://www.facebook.com/VictoriaPoliceCorruption/
Here there are stories of drugs, rape and sexual assault within the Victoria police
organisation. It looks like madness down there, one law for we plebs and another for them.

Victoria - The Place NOT to Be.

The cops who came here went out of their way to come and see an 'innocent' old
bloke, living quietly in the bush, that's me, in order to get a 'Voluntary' DNA sample.

Based on what?
A 1987 allegation that had no foundation whatsoever.

I might be getting a bit silly and senile but I just don't get it.

For 11 months now 17 months now 29 months I have attempted to get justice via the proper,
'prescribed' channels with, predictably, no success whatsoever. So now I feel I have no other
avenue but go public, for what good it will or will not do. At least it may educate some people
as to the pitfalls of being honest with police. Had I been wiser, I would have told these bastards
to piss right off. "Get off my property, you are trespassing". But I gave them the courtesy
my time, they were given our hospitality, big mistake and it won't ever happen again.

If you have any interest in this TRUE story, which includes the entire conversation
while the cops were here in March. It includes, lies, slander, intimation and threat
by Victoria police then:






Tweed Shire Rates Rort.
They may be operating within the letter of the law but what is happening isn't right.
At a time when all busines is down and people are doing it tough Tweed Shire, State
and federal government are lining their own nests very warmly - thank you very much.


The Tony Abbott Julia Gillard Coilition

It kind of seems that way to me. Tony Abbott is in fierce
opposition to the government - until it comes to huge pay
rise time - then, in my opinion, he sold out

Check the My View


Tweed Shire Council.
Public Service or Secret Service?
This was brought about by a recent, (and still going) incident caused by the
inappropriate behaviour of a Tweed Shire council ranger. It highlighs the arrogence
of local council to "stone wall' people making a complaint and to what I believe
amounts to a closing of ranks to cover up the incident. I find it really interesting - if a little disturbing.

My View

It seems to me that our politicians really
do take the electorate for suckers
I am talking more particularly about Julia Gillard and Bob Brown
and, while I don't like getting all political, with what I see happening
being just so much nonsense, I cannot help myself.

My view


Our desperate government
All our governements are desperate for cash.

Why is that?

My view.


Carbon Tax for Climate change - fact or government con?
How much do you really know about C02?
Want to learn something?

Check this


I just can't help thinking that we are being
done by Julia Gillard and her Carbon Tax.

My View.


And now we have Laura Dekker, 13 years old.

Bloody wonderful!

This just had to happen, what next, 12, 11?
Exactly when is too young?

My view

Well, it looks like Abby Sunderland,
another teenage would
be around
the world sailor, is in trouble
in the Southern Ocean.

My view - for what it's worth.

Jessica Watson is back.
Congratulations to Jessica for successfully completing a global circumnavigation.
The press have certainly put a negative slant on some of my comments
they have been addressed by my "Official view".
Whichever way you toss it, Jessica pulled all the strings to get Ella
around the world and all credit must go to her for that but the
Southern Ocean gods were very kind to her, she was very, very lucky.
My View

See News and views for more info'.

Jessica Watson on Ella's Pink Lady has had a collision with a
bulk carrier - and hasn't that stirred up the knockers pot.
My view.

Keep watching the "Stern Locker".
nything" marine could crop up there.

Racer Cruiser, 33'.
A fast and competitive boat in excellent condition.
f you are looking for some economy racing or fast
cruising or both, check out



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