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Marty's note about mounting:
Mounting your wind turbine is not difficult but it is important. In a marine situation the first thing you need to think about is position. It needs to be in a spot where it will be able to operate in clean air. Boats usually spend most of their time at anchor so this is where you place priority. If you have a big dodger, think about where the air flow goes and don't mount your turbine immediately behind and in the wind shadow of it. Masts are not a problem, they are usually airfoil in shape and the air has "cleaned" up before it reaches the generator. Quite often turbines are mounted high and central, on Targa mounts. Many deck mount options place the turbine to one side to clear backstays etc. When side mounted, be sure it is clear and out of range of flexible antennas, fishing rods, halyards, booms and topping lifts, and don't mount it so far out that if you come up against a high jetty that your wind turbine makes first contact.

Mounts must be strong enough for the job, in high winds a wind turbine, (depending on size) can generate 80kg or more of horizontal force, thin wall aluminium tube can and will bend under these loads. Try to avoid high, unsupported lengths of mounting pole. Even if it is strong enough, sometimes a long pole can "whip" when bashing into a head wind. Side struts can be tube or wire stays or, often, you can brace directly against an existing solar panel frame. Almost all boats are different so all have to be looked at afresh.

Land installations are generally easier in as much as they are usually the highest thing around with nothing else on the tower and nothing above except blue sky. A bit of appropriately sized pole, some decent anchor points, three or four wire stays and you're in business. However, the clean air rule still applies.

Ampair 100 Wind Turbine - the tough baby of the family.

"Ampair 100 Specs"

Ampair 100 regulator info - click here


This A100 simply mounted on a pole

Ampair 100 diagram and sizes



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Ampair Pacific 300 wind turbine system.

"Ampair Pacific 300 Specs"

The Ampair 300 pictured on the right survived a Willy Willy, (Tornado) is mounted on a curved offset pole. This solves the problem of keeping the turbine away from booms that come well back and other potential problems, topping lifts etc.






Pic taken after a Willy Willy (Tornado) ripped through Mackay Harbour.

Ampair 600 for battery charging or grid connect.


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Ampair 600 - A Little Powerhouse.

"Ampair 600 Specs"

Ampair 600 regulator info - click here

Ampair 600 diagram and sizes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Power curve 24 volt

Aquair 100 tow generator

Made by Ampair

Click here to see the Aquair 100 Manual

Ampair Aquair 100 Hybrid Wind & Water Generator


Ampair UW 100
Underwater (UW) 100 micro hydro generator

A submerged generator for fast flow zero head streams.

The UW100 is a submerged generator designed for charging 12/24-volt battery systems from fast flowing zero head streams. Strictly speaking it is a picohydro generator ideally suited to:

Navigation Buoy.
Water Supply Monitoring.
Remote Homes.

This unit stands out from the crowd in submerged generators.
Designed for us in fast flowing fresh water rivers, mountain streams & water pipe systems.
Can be used with success on a yacht at sea but is not designed to do so and may have a limited life span due to galvanic activity.

Ampair UW 100 with shield

Ampair UW 100 dimensions

Rutland 913 Spec sheet

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Call for current pricing

Regulator to suit:$160.00
Switchable regulator
for two battery banks
(plus solar panel): $ 399.00
Spare blades: $33.00 each




More confused than ever? We can understand that.

Here's a bit of a wind generator comprison that may help.

Clearance Special

Guyed Tower kit 27' (8M) suit Ampair, Rutland or Air turbine.

Normal retail $400.00. One only to clear. $220.00 each including GST.

Targa mount kit

This is how it works

Wind generator mounts and accessories.
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The Targa mount kit has been specifically designed for mounting a wind generator on the Targa bar of catamarans or, as shown here, on the Targa frame of a mono hull. This will almost completely isolate your boat from vibration transmission. Suitable for Ampair, Rutland or Air.
Made from polished stainless steel, comes complete with rubber mounts and washers. Bolts are not supplied.

Ampair 100 replacement blades

Ampair 100 blades are supplied as a matched pair.
Haven't actually sent many of these as they are too robust but you never know, we keep a few on hand just in case you need them.
You will need to specify whether the turbine is pre or post 2001 when ordering.

Ampair 300 replacement blades

Ampair 100 blades are supplied as a matched set of three.
Have never sent out a set of these but, again, I keep a set here just in case you need them.

Note: The pic above of the Ampair 300 shows white blades and a red hub. So you know, the hub is now white and the blades are now made from a completely different, stronger, compound but are now basically black. The white fleck is the reinforcing.

Rutland 913 blades.

Genuine, rugged, Rutland 913 blades.

Sold individually with fixing screws.
Six in a set.

Just $33.00 each or $192.00 per set.

Air 403 blades or Air X blades or current Air Breeze Wind Turbine Blades

Manufacturer supplied, blades, if that means anything.
Come in sets of 3.

Sold out


Air Breeze Wind Turbine Blades

Genuine, manufacturer supplied, blades.
Come in sets of 3.
Marine - White
These are the original Air Breeze blades that are suseptible to UV degradation. However, if you were to paint them with a two pack paint from new, they'll be fine. Black would be the best colour. A chaeap set of blades for your Air Breeze.

Sold out

Air Marine nose cone

Air nose cone to suit:
Air 403 or Air X Marine - White
Air 403 or Air X Land - Grey
Air Breeze Marine - White
Air Breeze Land - Grey

Still a few of these left.

$11.00 + postage at cost.



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