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Here's something a little bit different. We have a
couple of high quality, not to be confused with your
el cheapo, raw water heat exchanger oil coolers.

This has been used as a raw water oil cooler on a
Twin Disc gearbox. This is a quality piece of kit
with a cast bronze body. We have two of these
available and they are only for sale due to the complete
repowering of the vessel. ID of the inlet and outlet
fittings is 50mm.

If you are comparing anything to these, like the $200.00
touches you can see on ebay, note that this unit weighs in
at around 7kg with the end fittings.

What are they worth? Does $500.00 each sound about
right for these items? If not, you tell me what they are worth.

If you need any further information, give me a hoi on

0427-734 026 or email martypwt@bigpond.com

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We have some sails and bits and pieces.

This staysail came off a 40' Catamaran. It is not badged but I assume it is from Scooter Sails at Yamba as were the others.

Luff: 8350 mm
Foot: 3820 mm
Leech: 6580 mm
About 8 oz dacron. With sail bag.
*Loose measured so may be a bit more stretched out.

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info' sheet with more pics?
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This genoa came came off a 40' Hitch Hiker catamaran and is virtually new. Made of (about) 8oz dacron by Scooter sails at Yamba.

Made by Scooter sails at Yamba of (about) 8oz Dacron.
Comes with a sail bag, other than that there's not a
lot I can say about this sail, it is new, has UV protection
and a luff tape to suit a Profurl roller furler.

Luff: 13200 mm
Foot: 6700 mm
Leech: 10950 mm
I measured this sail so it should be will be within cooee.
*It was loose measured so may well be a bit more when stretched out. Strangely enough, this sail is only double stitched.
Looks like it has a nice flat cut.



Top of the range, triple stitched, laminated cruise cloth with
full battens made by Scooter Sails at Yamba. I have checked this sail out and it is in good condition. There is some staining that sort of looks to me like oil of some description but it isn't at all greasy. I really don't know what it is but, while it doesn't look that flash, it doesn't appear to be of any detriment to the actual sail. The only damage I can find is a very small hole a few feet down from the head. And when I say small, I mean small, a bit of stick on sail tape will fix it up.
You can't see much from this pic but this is a pretty roachy main and is set up to be used with the Ronstan batten cars on the mast. (Although this can easily be changed to any system). This sail has all the normal stuff, leach tensioners etc. It has three reef
points with the third reef being a deep one. All up, not a bad sail – and will fit my new boat if no-one wants it.

Luff: 12330 mm
Leech: 13270 mm
Foot: 5240 mm

I didn't measure this sail personally, the numbers were given to me, but I can do it if you wish.

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info' sheet with more pics?
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Okay, next, a Profurl Furler

430 SOLD:
420 still available

I'm thinking this is a C420 furler because the stay it
came off is 10 mm and anything below a 420 just wouldn't fit. However, the current model C420 has a double luff groove and the diameter of this section is 35 mm - so I think it may be a C350.
It was used with for the staysail listed above left.
Apart from the sun dulling this unit is complete and all in
good condition.
Length is 8740 mm.ngth 5860.

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info' sheet with more pics?
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This has a bit of class if you need a good roating mast base.
This is an All Yacht Spars fabricated rotating mast base which will fit a variety of masts. Originally made for a 40' catamaran, it was never fitted or used so is, essentially, brand new. Made from anodised aluminium, bronze and stainless steel.
Total length is 570mm.
This is a nice piece of equipment and I very much doubt you could get it made for the ask price of $300.00.
However, if you wold like it but don't think it is
worth that much, make me a sensible offer adn i'll look at it.

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info' sheet with more pics?
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Rotating mast base

Wind Generator Blades


We have two blade lots here. Would suit either an owner of a Whisper 100 or an enthusiast building their own turbine.

  • First up we have a set of two blades are from a Whisper 100 and 1055mm long. Although second hand they are in excellent condition. Would suit replacement or spare blades for a Whisper 100 owner or enthusiast wind turbine builder.



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Last update 5th January 2019.