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Apart from supplying wind generators, solar panels and associated equipment
Marty regularly writes for a number of nautical magazines.
It is proposed that PWT will post some of these articles on this page for your interest.

Most of the boating articles appearing here have appeared in Multihull World, check them out.


Build of Trimaran "KISS"
See all of this - up to date - on Facebook.

Building of a 38' Catamaran.

"The Dream".
Part one of a long saga of the single handed construction of a new boat.

"Getting Started".
Part two of the same saga.

"The Perfection Trap".
Part three, the project is really getting under way but the quest for perfection can be frustrating. (To say the least).


"Shanty and the Night Wind".
An article I wrote years ago about one single handed day at sea. It was never intended that this be placed on the site but is
being put up because of the recent collision between Jessica Watson on Ella's Pink Lady and a bulk carrier off the Queensland
coast. It contains a radio contact between my boat "Shanty", (now Ella's Pink Lady) and a ship near Port Stephens.

"A Day in The Trades".

This depicts what I believe is the reason we all go cruising, or the reason we dream of going cruising.


"The Perfect CruisingBoat".
A look at one persons, (me) idea of what kind of boat is "right" to go to sea in. A tongue in cheek view.


Jessica is back -My view.
I came into a bit of flack - and a bit of support - due to a bit of creative reporting in the Age and SMH
While the statements were basically correct, there were statements I did make that were not printed, this
gave a very negative slant on something that was not all negative.
While I had no intention whatsoever of putting anything down about Jessica's trip, to address this, here is my view in full.

A look at single handed sailing in shipping lanes.
This is inspired by the amount of people who would lynch the skipper of the bulk carrier that was in a collision with Jessica Watson in Ella's Pink Lady. I have done a fair bit of single handed sailing in my old boat, "Shanty", (now Ella's Pink Lady), both offshore and coastal. When in the vicinity of shipping, I don't sleep beyond catnapping and I don't go below except to make more coffee or something at least equally important. A look at "Shanty and the Night Wind" in the cruising section shows an actual night time event between myself and a ship on the coast.

Jessica Watson collides with bulk carrier - my view.
Well, Jessica Watson on Ella's Pink Lady has collided with a bulk carrier just hours out of port and many of the uninformed general public are out to lynch the skipper of the ship without knowing all the facts. It seems to me that we have a case of "The pretty young girl in the pretty pink boat against the big nasty bulk carrier". This couldn't be further from the truth in my opinion.

"Not Another Article on Boat Electrics".
A venture into the very basics of DC electrics based on first hand experience with a great number of customers and friends (and my own blunders). I believe this was a much needed article to tackle some aspects of boat electrics that nobody else has:


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