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Victoria Police knocking at my door. More like Gestapo, really.

This is a true story about Victoria police knocking on my door in 2015 because of an obviously false allegation made against me back in 1987. Thet arrived here with no notice, no warrant, no evidence, no cause - but that didn't stop them threatening this old age pensioner. And then they wonder why people call them pigs!
You receive that which you give, I reckon.

This is the full story if you are interested.

My View

Dallas police shootings.

I can never condone the killing of innocent people be they cops or ordinary citizens but it seems to me the cops have lost the plot and are way out of touch.

Here's my view, for what its worth

My View

The Tony Abbott Julia Gillard Coilition

This is how it seems to me.
Tony Abbott is in fierce opposition to the government - until it comes to huge pay rise
time - then, in my opinion, he sold out and
stood shoulder to shoulder with Comrade Gillard

My View

Tweed Shire Council.
Public Service or Secret Service?

This was brought about by a recent incident by a Tweed Shire council ranger. It highlighs the arrogence of local council to behave in a way that wold be normal for the CIA, the KGB or tha Nazi SS - but not local council in Australia. This, in my opinion, amounts to a cover up that I find a little disturbing.


Julia Gillard and Bob Brown - the liars

It seems very much to me that out current batch of politicians really do take us all for a bunch of suckers who will accept anything they say. Given the level of the crap that is going down at the moment this has become a blatently obvious fact - but I don't think the Australian people are that stupid.

Our desperate government.

Exactly why are all our governmetns so desperate for cash?
None of them can or will live within their means.
And why is there one rule for government and another rule for the rest of us?

And here's something more to think about with
the big Carbon Tax for climate change con.

And if I felt we were being done lke a dinner before, I feel even more that way after reading this.
While I cannot vouch for its absolute accuracy, I have not been given any evidence to the contrary.
If anyone has anything solid to dispute the statements in this piece, I would love to know about it

Julia Gillard and the Carbon TAX

I can't help thinking we are being done like a dinner by Julia Gillard and her Carbon TAX.
Let's face it, it is just another TAX - nothing more and nothing less.

Speed cameras and other revenue raising devises.

I used to have respect for the road rules and the law but now I have almost none.
Cops and cameras are now revenue raisers for inefficient governments who never have never will be able to make ends meet.
If you can relate to this significant problem that is looming, have a read of my view.

Abby Sunderland, it appears, is in trouble in the Southern Indian Ocean - My view

And Abby has been found alive and well - I kinda thought she would be.

Climate change - Marty's view
I've just about had enough of hearing the the two words "Climate Change" and those other two "Global Warming". I don't know if it's all true or not, i'm no scientist, but I do reckon there's a lot of rubbish flying around about it and I do reckon the politicians are doing their level best to cash in on it.
Rightly or wrongly, this is simply my view of the whole thing.


We would like to wish Jessica Watson safe voyage in her attempt to be the youngest person to sail around the world non stop and single handed. As with anything like this, much of the battle is won with meticulous preparation prior to departure - and I know there has been much of this in the Jessica Watson camp.

I have a special attachment to Jessica's attempt because the boat she is using is my old boat. Now named "Ella's Pink Lady", she was once named "Shanty". I purchased this boat as a bare hull and deck from Swarbrick Brothers WA back 1982. She was fitted out by myself and a shipwright in my Melbourne front garden and launched in October 1984. I did some local sailing, local sailing being Bass Straight and Tasmanian waters, and club racing before heading off cruising the South Pacific in 1990, the cruise was intended to last one year but lasted for 6. After my long and passionate attachment to that boat, she was sold in 1999. In my opinion, there is not a better boat afloat in which to make this attempt. With a lot of Bass Strait and ocean miles under her belt, this boat has seen hard conditions and never gave me a moment of worry.

Shanty arriving in Opua, New Zealand July 1990.

As with any serious ocean going boat, you need a reliable power supply, Jessica has fitted a couple of solar panels and a Rutland 913 Wind Charger, organised for her by Precision Wind Technology. . A major problem with some brands of wind generator are the blades. These can be quite flimsy, too long for comfort, and vulnerable to damage from topping lifts, truant halyards and waves. Rutland has short, very robust, blades that are more likely to survive than many other brands. The fact that the electronics can be by-passed to maintain power supply in the event of failure is a big plus - also not easily possible with some other brands.

Jessica is taking two Rutland 913, one fitted and one spare. In the event of a complete failure of the unit - for whatever reason - like getting carried away by a wave, she can simply swap it over. She is also taking a spare set of blades. However, I suspect the spare parts and spare turbine might stay in the locker for the entire voyage.

Ella's Pink Lady - hard to believe she is the same boat. I mean - PINK! Well, she is a girl.

Good luck Jessica, we'll be thinking of you all the way.

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It is intended that this page will provide you with a range of practical product reviews and general discussion. It is hoped that in this way, PWT can provide further value to you by demonstrating the practical applications as well as technical specifications for alternative power and lifestyle products. Also, any news that come to hand and my views on it.


Well, the victorian government did it.

The new PFD legislation is in place.

Submissions placed by clubs and organisations were dismissed as: "We felt they had not read the paperwork". They felt!? Just what is that supposed to mean? All us boating people out there are brainless idiots, taking the time and effort required to write letters, to get together a petition together and submissions to the government against the proposed legislation without reading the paperwork. I don't think so. I spoke to a lot of club representitives and club members and I believe they did read the paperwork. This legislation was coming in regardless of whether or not it was wanted, or needed, by the boating public. All the waste of time and taxpayers money on the proposals were all a sham to make us believe we have a say in what our government does that effects us. I asked the specific question as to how much all this cost the taxpayers but, "surprisingly", there was no answer forthcoming. I suppose that's democracy for you.

From my point of view, my personal safety at sea is still my responsibility. If I am on deck, quite legally in an enclosed area, and there is an unexpected emergency on an unenclosed part of my boat, I will be, quite illegally going to fix it without my PFD. Any boating person knows that some things need to be done - right now. So, all I can say to the legislators and the enforcers is, fine me, I will not pay it. Lock me up, if you can catch me. But, my safety at sea is my business, not yours. The water is one of the few places remaining where we can get a bit of freedom from the rampant bureaucratic nonsense with which we are surrounded these days and that is not going to be taken away from me.


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