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The starting point for any and all power systems is knowing eactly how much power you need.

This will help.

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SS10 & SS10L
Sunsaver 12 volt 10 amp
The SunSaver 10 is a small, simple, robust, economical controller suitable for a single 120 watt or 2 X 60 watt panels. Suitable for flooded or sealed batteries. LED charge indicator. Load disconnect facility on SS10L.

Sun Saver Duo.

The Sun Saver Duo is ideal for campervans, boats or any system that runs a dual battery system.
*Independently charges both house and engine start battery. (Or any other battery).
*Charging priority is user selectable.
*Remote meter displays digital and pictorial system information.
*Display can be recessed or raised mount.
*5 year warranty.

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ProStar 12-24 volt 15 amp

Suits up to 180 watts solar for 12 volt systems or 360 watt for 24 volt systems.
Suitable for gel, sealed or flooded batteries.
LED Charging indicator and battery state. Temperature sensor available.

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