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Also the installation of an A300.


This is important so let's start with a "Marty's note" about these babies:

When you look at a wind generator for your boat there are many considerations and what you choose depends a lot on what kind of sailing you do - and how far off shore you go - because this determines exactly what you are looking for in a wind generator. Here are a couple of accurate statistics for Air compared to Ampair and Rutland for you to think about.

At the time of writing: Over the last 10 years I have sold only around 15 individual blades for Rutland and a single blade for an Aerogen 6 and none at all for Ampair. All the rutland blades were sold to cruisers as spares, the Aerogen blade was a replacement for a turbine that had an altercation with an "object".

At the time of writing, Over the past 10 years, I have sold no less than 950 sets of three blades for Air - that's 2850 individual blades - that's more than 1 blade per working day. Most of these have been sold to people who's blades had been broken or simply failed without apparent reason.

Over the past 3 years there have been around 10 legitimate warranty claims for Rutland and no warranty claims for Ampair.
Over that same period of time I have performed more than 150 warranties on Air - that's one each week. That's around 12.5% of turbines sold have come back for warranty service.

To be fair, there are some Air out there that have been absolutely trouble free for years - but, and it's a big but - there is a lack of consistency of quality and I have had turbines back two or three times, especially when they are in a windy location such as Tasmania. There are definately less failures in the more temperate zones. Okay for the Barrier Reef cruiser but not a lot of good for the more adventurous offshore types - or people living in Tassie using Air for home power.

Another thing worthy of consideration is the regulator. If something is going to go wrong with a mechanical devise where electronics are involved, it will be the electronics that fail almost every time. The regulator for both Ampair and Rutland is external to the turbine. What this means is that if you have the most vulnerable part of the set up go bung on you - the electronics - you can fix or replace the reg but leave the turbine up in the air and still giving power. Nice and simple. With Air, the reg is built in, so if you have a problem with the electronics, you have to take the whole shebang down. This is a particularly accute pain in the rear end for people who have mast head mounted their turbine as they need a cherry picker to get it down, or land based people who have the turbine on a 50' tower.

A snippet for owners of the lastest Air Breeze wind generator with white blades, if it has been in the air for more than 5 months, Check your blades, there is a good chance they have been significantly degraded by the sun. See pic further down the page Air Marine: This is a set of Air Breeze blades from a turbine I installed on a yacht in Tasmania last February. And this is only one example. With Rutland you can buy a single replacement blade in the event of a problem, whereas Air will sell as a "matched" set. I guess Rutland have more confidence in their consistency of quality control. Ampair blades come as a set but I've never had a request for them.

"Made in the USA" it is claimed on the Air Breeze box. I reckon it would be worth popping the question to the manufacturer as to exactly what is "made" in the USA and what is made elsewhere - and where.

For my money, being an offshore cruiser myself, I would put reliability over style and "claimed" output any day. The new boat I am building is named KISS, just in case you don't know what that stands for, it is - Keep It Simple Stupid. A good motto for the offshore cruiser and remote land dweller alike.

"There is hardly anything in the world that someone cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper and the people who consider price alone are this man's prey." (John Ruskin [1819-1900]).

The Rutland 913 is designed specifically for marine use on coastal and ocean going yachts, so they say but, what I canot figure out, why is the tail steel and will rust. But rutland will be perfectly at home on a campervan - if you are not coastal and if you don't use the stop switch - which may well bomb out the regulator. Rutland has been a common sight in marinas, which really surprises me because they are a pretty agricultural machine that will not cop sutained high winds. (See: The Ampair Difference). A quiet turbine that may give fair service in temperate conditions. In my opinion, not a wind generator for the serious cruiser.An economy wind generator that will spin in the lightest of breezes! Whether it is producing any power or not is another thing! If you do buy a Rutland, be sure to take plenty of photos of the install because, in the event of a warranty claim, you may well need them.

Below you will see the performance specification and the dimensions of the Rutland 913.

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Something to think about!

Air Breeze blades after only a few months in the air

And more to think about!
This slip ring came off an Air Breeze turbine after being installed only six weeks.
Even more to think about!
This completely burnt out Air Breeze was a result of some heavy winds, nothing real serious, 50 knots in the gusts. The coating and insulators have completely burnt off the stator so you can rattle the windings like a tamborine. And this is not an isolated case.

See these pics.

The rusty 913 tail was on a turbine less than 6 months old. The owner had the original tail rust and this one is the replacement he fitted.

The turbine on the right was set up in South Australia, after 3 months a big blow came through and destroyed this turbine - destroyed it. The owner called me and said, "Marty, what can I put up here that will go the distance"?
I said "Pay the money and out up an Ampair 300". He did and I haven't heard from him again.

On top of that, the Rutland HRSi regulator is dead set dodgy and prone to failure - especially if you use the stop switch provided.

If you want a Rutland 913 or 914, you will have to go to someone else because I will not supply you with one.

If you do decide to buy a Rutland, make sure you take plenty of photos of the installation because, in the event of a warranty claim, you might just need them.


Especially designed for the marine environment!
Rusty tail on a Rutland 913 and pure wind damage on the turbine



The Targa mount kit has been specifically designed for mounting a wind generator on the Targa bar of catamarans or, as shown here, on the Targa frame of a mono hull. This will almost completely isolate your boat from vibration transmission. Suitable for Ampair, Rutland or Air.
Made from polished stainless steel, comes complete with rubber mounts and washers. Bolts are not supplied.

Ampair 100 replacement blades

Ampair 100 blades are supplied as a matched pair.
Haven't actually sent many of these as they are too robust but you never know, we keep a few on hand just in case you need them.
You will need to specify whether the turbine is pre or post 2001 when ordering.

Ampair 300 replacement blades

Ampair 100 blades are supplied as a matched set of three.

I have yet to send out a set of these but, again, I keep a set here just in case you need them.

Note: The pic above of the Ampair 300 shows white blades and a red hub. Just so you know, the hub is now white and the blades are now made from a completely different, stronger, compound but are now basically black. The white fleck is the reinforcing.

Rutland 913 blades.

Genuine, rugged, Rutland 913 blades.

Sold individually with fixing screws.
Six in a set.


Air Breeze Wind Turbine Blades

Genuine, manufacturer supplied, blades.
Come in sets of 3.
Marine - Black.
White blades are shown but the stock blades are the latest black ones.

We now have these in stock.



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