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Precision Wind Technology (PWT)!

Everything we do at PWT is aimed at serving you and serving you well. We research the best products and test them ourselves before recommending them to you. We then help you source these products from all over the world.

We concern ourselves with the following

Our Concerns

Wind Turbines

When choosing a wind turbine, there are several factors that you typically have to consider. For one, you have to look at the type of sailing that you are used to. Are you into cruising, fleet racing, or offshore sailing? You also have to have to consider how far offshore you go during such sailing. We provide the best options.

Solar Equipment

We provide an array of bespoke, very durable, and high-quality solar equipment. These equipment and materials include solar panels, solar systems, and regulators.


As part of our goal of providing you with top-notch energy products, we provide high-quality solar inverters. One of the most important tools in the entire solar power setup is the inverter. The inverter enables seamless solar power conversion from one energy state to another.

However, not all inverters are made equal. This is why we have made it our business to provide you with the best selection of best-performing solar inverters.

Portrait of sailboat equipment consisted of winch and rope

Anchor Winches

The anchor winches we provide are produced by some of the most trusted brands in boating and fishing equipment. You cannot over-emphasise the importance of choosing a quality anchor winch for your boat. They provide you as a boat rider with a lot of ample benefits.


High-quality refrigerators on the boat make your cruising experience a much more fulfilling one. You most likely are quite vast in the knowledge of refrigerators. They are an important part of your home. However, the situation is completely different when we talk about using refrigerators on the boat. Thus, we have researched and recommended everything you need to know about refrigeration and refrigerators on water.

Rows of AA Batteries
Small led lights hanging in a row, light background


Batteries for marine usage are a special type of battery application, and therefore, you must be careful in selecting them. This is because it stores all the energy needed to power all the appliances and tools to be used while on water. However, have no worries as you don’t even have to put much thought into that. We provide some of the industry’s best batteries for use for marine purposes.

Led Lighting

If there is any category of products with more fake products than quality ones, then it is LED lighting. However, we have got you covered. We have conducted thorough research and tests to discover the best-LED lighting products you can ever get access to. We have then provided you with these products.

Our partners

LED light bulb

Bargain Boxes

As with everything else, when it comes to getting the best prices for everything related to your boat, information is power. The problem is that this information does not get into public notice. As industry insiders, we have access to some of this “high-level” information. As you know, we are in this for you, and that is why we are ready to share these nice deals as we get access to them through our Bargain Box.

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