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Getting the Best Inverters

As part of our goal of providing you with top-notch energy products, we provide high-quality solar inverters. One of the most important tools in the entire solar power setup is the inverter. The inverter enables seamless solar power conversion from one energy state to another.

However, not all inverters are made equal. Many inverters do not perform as well as others. Because inverters represent significant financial investment, you should be getting the very best.

This is why we have made it our business to provide you with the best selection of best-performing solar inverters you can find in the market. Although countless brands manufacture solar inverters, two of the very best you can find in Australia are Selectronic and Latronic.

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Selectronic Australia is one of the leading makers of off-grid inverters globally. It has spent over five decades in research, development, production, and distribution of solar and other types of inverters.

Selectronic Australia features a wide range of inverters and inverter-parts, which are designed to perform different functions. These include the SE/SA Range and Wallmount inverters.

Nevertheless, despite the differences in their specifications and designs, Selectronic has committed to consistency in its products’ quality. Thus some features are quite common to all of the products, no matter their capabilities.

High-Tech Display

Knowing everything that runs in the solar power system is quite important. This is because it feeds you with quality information in case issues arise. However, as crucial as this is, it is somewhat a luxury in most inverters and other solar products. But Selectronic makes it an important feature of most of its inverter products.

Provided in the front panel of most Selectronic product is a display that is illuminated. This presents the most important information and vital readings of the inverter system. Such vital readings include the AC volts, the Battery volts, and the inverter’s status, amongst others.

Apart from displaying current information, the displays will tell you if there is a problem with the inverter and the origin or cause. For instance, you will be alerted in the case of an impending inverter shutdown.

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The displays on Selectronic inverters are not merely to present information alone. They also make it possible for you to customise some of this important information to suit your needs. You can always tailor the settings towards your energy requirements at a particular time.

Internal Controls

Another high-tech feature of Selectronic inverts is the inbuilt control systems that they possess. The inverters are built to enable them to work on their own with minimal input from the owner. For instance, the inverters automatically shutdown themselves if the battery volts they are receiving become too low or too high for the battery capacity.

Ease of Use

The array of displays, internal controls, and maximum flexibility all point to one thing, and that is convenience and ease of use. Selectronic inverters are designed in a way to ensure that even non-technical persons can easily navigate them. You only need to connect the inverter to the appropriate batteries and power systems in your home, car, or elsewhere, and they start to work.


Latronic also features some of the High-Tech features of the Selectronic. But one aspect in which Latronic shines is in customer service. There are several features, including warranty services, on-site fixing, and standby customer support.

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