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Enjoying High-Quality Refrigeration

High-quality refrigerators on the boat make your cruising experience a much more fulfilling one. And thus, we have researched and recommended everything you need to know about refrigeration and refrigerators on water.

You most likely are quite vast in the knowledge of refrigerators. They are an important part of your home, and you can but use them every other day. You know everything there is to know about refrigerators. This will include knowledge on how to go about purchasing a quality refrigerator, what to look out for, how to maintain them, and much more. 

However, the situation is completely different when we talk about using refrigerators on the boat. There are some things you have to look at while selecting refrigeration systems for you on water.

For one, the types of refrigeration you use at home are much different from the type you will put on the boat while embarking on a trip. Then, the factors you prioritise for a home-based, domestic refrigerator will differ from those you prioritise for your boat refrigerator. The most important factors you have to look at include:

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There is just so much weight that your boat can carry, and in fact, not so much available on space either. Therefore, you must prioritise a refrigerator system that does not consume too much space and does not carry much weight. Yet, it must still offer optimum performance for the comparatively less space and weight.

Power Efficiency

While on the boat, you most likely will not have access to enough power. You will likely be confined to a wind or solar power system. The little energy that these can give you access to will likely be conserved for other purposes. Thus, there is a need for you to go for a refrigeration system that will offer you top-quality power efficiency.

The refrigerator must be one that will conserve energy and maintain the freezer state within it.

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Compressor and Evaporator Systems

However, beyond the refrigerator itself, the next important thing you have to consider is the compressor and evaporator systems attached to the refrigerator. This is because these will determine the level of power efficiency and, therefore, your fridge’s performance.

Different evaporator and compressor systems are available for you to choose from. The particular one you go with will be determined by such factors as the fridge’s capacity and the amount of power you have access to.

Nevertheless, we highly recommend that you don’t just go for whatever type of evaporator or compressor. You should go for the ones produced by the very best brands, the ones known for producing quality products of this type. Although there is a number from which you can make your choice, one brand that produces superior quality is Danfoss. When added to an appropriate evaporator system, Danfoss compressors will give your boat fridge maximum performance and efficiency.

On the other hand, if you are to go for evaporator system makers, one that does well in this category is Isotherm. Isotherm products are easy to set up and operate, consume power very minimally, and are known to be very durable.

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