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Getting the Best Batteries

Batteries for marine usage are a special type of battery application, and therefore, you must be careful in selecting them. However, have no worries as you don’t even have to put much thought into that. We provide some of the industry’s best batteries for use for marine purposes.

In all the discussion about boat energy systems, by far the most important tool is the battery. This is because it stores all the energy needed to power all the appliances and tools to be used while on water. If you get your battery wrong, it may put in many discomforts as there is usually no place to get emergency refilling of power while on the boat. Thus, a lot of thought and caution has to go into selecting your battery for your boat.

This becomes more of an issue when you consider that a boat for marine use is quite different from a boat for land use.

There are different types of batteries that you might use to store power that will provide your energy needs while on the boat. They differ in their compositions and configurations, efficiency levels, and the way you will use them.

However, one such type of batteries that we deeply recommend is the AGM, Absorbed Glass Mat batteries. AGM batteries have undergone many evolutions and changes in technology, design, configurations, and makeover over the years. Over time, they have emerged as the battery of choice for marine applications and land.

AGM batteries have become the favourite for use on boats, but that is due to several reasons. These include

What are the Factors that set AGM Batteries Apart?

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Very Minimal Self Discharge

As we all know, all batteries discharge naturally after being charged, whether they are used or not. The difference is that they get discharged much faster when they are in use than when they are not. The rate of standby discharge and consumption of power without use differs from one battery to another. Ideally, you avoid a battery that consumes power fast when not in use.

AGM batteries are, however, not like that. They consume very minimal power when they are in fallow. This enables the user to conserve as much power as possible and enjoy consistent energy, whether on water or land. During testing, it was discovered that AGM batteries only consume about 3% of power per month when not in use at 25°C.

Fast Charging Recovery

Low power consumption may be ideal for a battery, and in fact, it is quite important. But that is far from all that a battery should have. One other important attribute of a quality battery is that it must be able to get refilled fast. That is, it must not take long to get charged. AGM batteries can get charged quite fast.

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No Need for Maintenance

AGM batteries are very durable and don’t need maintenance or repairs as frequently as most batteries do.

Among the many AGM batteries, you may come across, by far one of the best is Full River Deep Cycle AGM. In addition to the above qualities, Full River’s products high density of power, boast sealed construction, and can last up to 10 years, even with rugged usage.

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