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Wind Turbines

Getting the Best Wind Turbines

When choosing a wind turbine, there are several factors that you typically have to consider. For one, you have to look at the type of sailing that you are used to. Are you into cruising, fleet racing, or offshore sailing? You also have to have to consider how far offshore you go during such sailing.

The combination of these factors and more will determine which type of wind generator you go for. However, regardless of the type you choose, the best brands you can go for are Rutland and Ampair.

One major factor you have to consider in selecting our products is the regulator’s positioning for our brands. Most times, the cause of most faults in many wind turbines is the electronic setup and design. As a result, the true test of a quality appliance is the configuration and placement of important electronic appliances such as the regulator. This regulator’s placement will determine if it will be easy to repair the wind turbine or not.

For the Rutland and Ampair models, the regulators are placed outside of the turbine. With this, you can easily replace or repair the regulator without fundamentally affecting the entire wind turbine’s settings. This is against other brands where you have to dismantle the entire turbine to fix minor faults.

Apart from the design and build, several factors make the Rutland and Ampair wind turbines the absolute best you can get around. These are listed below

Why Are Our Wind Turbines the Best?

wind turbine farm

Consistency of Quality

Everything about our brands speaks quality. First, the design is done in a way to give the top-notch user ease of use. Then, the materials they are made with are of the highest quality.

But that is not all. What differentiates these brands from most brands is that this quality is constantly and uniformly maintained across each product. 

Durability and Strength

As you already know, the products and materials with which our products are made are of the highest quality. This is because these products are the strongest you can find around. As a result, wind turbines are quite durable and can withstand all types of extreme weather conditions.

Landscape with wind turbines


Because of consistent quality, you remain assured that you will get the best no matter the product you pick up. Durability and strength assure you that the product will last quite long enough to serve your needs properly. The combination of the above factors and more underscore the fact that these brands are very much reliable.

One fact that proves this is that Ampair and Rutland have the lowest returns for warranty claims amongst all other wind turbine brands.

Easy to Use

A combination of factors makes our brands very easy to use. For one, it is easy to fix them in case of breakdown, to the extent that even non-technical persons can handle them. Furthermore, attached to the products are comprehensive yet simplified product guides.

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