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Solar Equipment

Getting the Best Solar Equipment

We provide an array of bespoke, very durable, and high-quality solar equipment. These equipment and materials include solar panels, solar systems, and regulators. Some of our products are reviewed below.

solar panels

SS10 and SS10L Sunsaver 12 volt 10 amp

The SS10 & SS10L Sunsaver 12 volt 10 amp works well with not-too-large panels, typically the single 120-watt panel or the 2 X 60-watt panel. It was designed for non-complicated use and minimal energy needs.


One of the unique qualities of the SS10 Sunsaver is the fact that it is highly versatile. The Sunsaver is designed to work with a wide variety of batteries, especially batteries made to store solar energy. Whether the batteries are flooded or they are sealed, the SS10 indicator can work well with them to report their state at a particular time.

Solar panels

High-Tech and High-Quality

Although it was made to fit basic and non-complicated uses, the SS10 was still made of high-tech and top-quality materials and design. Notably, the charge indicator is made of a superior LED Display.

Easy to Use

In addition to its versatility, the SS10 is also quite easy to use. This is because it comes with minimal body design, and its functionality is quite simple for almost everyone to operate.

Compact and Portable

Even with all of the highly-rated features that the SS10 possesses, users will never like it if it is too bulky to use and manage. The manufacturer met customer expectations perfectly as the SS10 boasts a small and compact build. This makes it easy to navigate by the user.


The SS10 is the perfect depiction of the assertion that quality does not have to be expensive. Despite being a leading product, it comes at a budget-friendly price and is cheaper than comparable products.

Sunsaver Duo

Morningstar’s Sunsaver Duo is a top-notch solar Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) battery controller that works with different types of vehicles. Just as its name suggests, it is designed to work with systems that operate on a double (“duo”) battery model, such as recreational vehicles, boats, and caravans. This is because the Sunsaver Duo is built to power two batteries simultaneously.

The Sunsaver Duo makes use of the top-level Sunsaver battery control system that Morningstar built. This controller system is one of the industry’s leading ones as it ensures better charging of the battery and assured reliability.

The Sunsaver Duo independently charges different batteries in a vehicle or other appliance or machine simultaneously. The user can always select which of the batteries they want prioritise its charging. Furthermore, you can get the display of the meter and other important battery information remotely.

ProStar 12-24 volt 15 amp PS15

The ProStar works with 180 watts or 360 watts solar. It works best for flooded or gel batteries. Just as with the SS10, it has a battery state indicator and also a temperature sensor.

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